Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Presentations for studying

Hi everyone! see below, Cabill's informative presentation on culinary careers. ALL OTHER PRESENTATIONS are in PDF format, under PRESENTATIONS in the menu above at the top of my blog. It's the first one! YOUR QUIZ will be on FRIDAY, MAY 9. It is NOW in your evernote folder (grade 11 or 12 assignments, above). YOU NEED TO REVIEW the presentations and/or do more research before writing it, for best results!

Cabill's Culinary Careers presentation

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bake Sale Madness!

Wow! Thanks to our hard working students, we put together an amazing bake sale. Look at all the products they made!

Filming using mobile devices

Swoon!!! Swoon!!!! It's my gorgeous hubby, with a video to help you film YOUR videos better!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gel transfer -- to make a complex cake design

Here's a video I just found that my husband took without my knowledge while I was decorating my son's recent Pokemon birthday cake. It shows how to make a gel transfer to put a more complex design or image on a cake that you (at least, I) would not be able to freehand.

 If you keep watching, you'll also see my cute kids, hear some tuneless singing and see inside my home (wow!)

Making a croquembouche

Here's a challenge for you grade 12s!


Please review the link below. You are about to try a more advanced choux pastry and caramel creation ... a croquembouche decorated with spun sugar.

Team 1: Micheal, Eugene, Husna and Sam. MICHEAL is the team leader. He will assign tasks.
Team 2: Gachelle, Kath, Arlet, Alex. ARLET is the team leader. She will assign tasks.

1. TOGETHER, RESEARCH how to make/form a croquembouche. You will use MY choux paste and pastry cream recipes. SINGLE RECIPE will be enough.

2. You're going to use the IPADS to make a video of the process and the results of your project to post on your blog! Choose a videographer who will be responsible for taking photos and video during the next three days. They should keep their hands on IPAD and not FOOD!

Day 1 (Friday April 25). Make cream puffs. PREP pastry cream. Take video or photos during the process to show it.

Day 2 (Wednesday April 30) Make pastry cream. Take pictures or video. Test out spun sugar. Plan how to decorate your croquembouche.

Day 3 (Thursday May 1) Fill, dip and put together your croquembouche! Take video and photos throughout. Next week you will edit your video and post on your blogs :)

click here for instructions to make spun sugar REMEMBER CARAMEL IS VERY VERY HOT!!!

You will be marked based on the same or a similar rubric as the last project. You will write a reflection on your blog, as well as posting your video.

Did you READ and UNDERSTAND all the instructions? Now go ahead and have fun :)

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